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Priyanka Reveals Her Love Story’s Secret

Jodhpur (October 30, 2018): Bollywood’s ravishing beauty Priyanka Chopra is all set to marry American singer Nick Jonas in a private ceremony held in December.

The duo that has been making headlines ever since it made its relationship public, share an affectionate bond with each other. They are often interviewed by the press where they express immense love for each other. Earlier on Tuesday, speaking at the launch of dating app Bumble India in New York City, the ‘Quantico’ starlet opened up about why she chose Nick Jonas as her life partner and what quality should girls see in their spouse.

“Truly this is what worked for me, he has to be someone who respects you. By that, I don’t mean makes coffee for you, not that. But someone who respects the hard work you put into your life.”

Priyanka also went on to add what else to cherish in a relationship, “Who respects that if his work is important, so is yours. Or if he makes choices that are important to him, so is your opinion. That’s respect, and that’s incredible to have.”

Along with ‘respect, there should be trust,’ she added further.“Then everything is so easy because you give each other credit for your intelligence, you give each other the benefit of the doubt because you trust each other. There’s so much that comes out of that. I think don’t settle for less than that.”

Priyanka Chopra recently had her bridal shower at the Tiffany & Co. in New York. “This was not a conventional shower, it was a nightclub in Tiffany,” Priyanka opened up to people, “There was so much dancing — like five hours of dancing. It was amazing!” Pee Cee spoke about the shower.

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