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Prospering society or a time bomb

 By: Asifa Zehra

I was battling hard with myself to digest the fact that Hockey of all sports we profoundly play throughout our lives is still our national sports. Or is it? Aren’t we blindly in love with cricket? Suddenly, I got the answer. Our dearest hobby and sport is something we support, promote and encourage all the time on the field and off the field. It is none other than bullying and trolling.

This is something we indulge in without any age, time or place restrictions.

From top officials in the society such as the prime minister, ministers, parliamentarians and other renowned personalities to those at the bottom never mind having a go at it wherever and whenever they wish to.

Bullying is something that is generally done to frighten, humiliate and hurt perceived weaker peopleGlobally, many people experience bullying in their lifetime once or maybe more times, but if you are a citizen of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan you will face multiple time on daily basis. Generally, it is the look of a person that is targeted. “You look like Mr. Bean, you are bald, ‘chursi’. Worst than that is when gender-based trolling is done in which the female gender is often used as an insult to male victim of bullying or trolling.

It is a learnt behavior and not an innate characteristic of anyone, there is no singular definition of bullying because it comes in all shapes, sizes and subtleties. Furthermore, when we abuse or bully someone online, use social media for manipulation, intimidation and social exclusion, as well as indirect bullying such as the spreading of harmful rumors, be it online or elsewhere we call it trolling and it is very common in our society.

Bullying is affecting our mental health terribly. As a national hobby, it is fast spreading and impacting our society badly.

Bullying and trolling is a serious threat to our youth today. A study shows that when a child is bulled in a school, collage or in society he/she might have feeling of shame, sleep disturbance, low self-esteem, and symptoms of anxiety, depression, poor school/collage performance and other physical complaints.When we talk about long term consequences on children or on youth it is horrifying. Depression jumps to chronic level resulting in suicide attempts, lack of positivity, substance abuse, self-destruction behavior, difficulty in establishing trusting, reciprocal friendships and relationships.

Now take a deep breath, and look around. What is your assessment of our society?

If a news/scandal pops-up on the media our youth starts blaming others, they even don’t bother to research, they start accusing others, starts trolling and bullying others. Youth are far away from finding truth in such environment.

Under this circumstances, the youth is proving to be poor students, employees and are not open for competitions. No wonder the number of youth engaged in crimes such as robbery, rape, child abuse and even murder are on the rise.

The world is round, when our premier and parliamentarians don’t mind having a go at bullying how can change our society and expect our youth to behave in normal way instead of being intolerant? Our society is a ticking time bomb, it has to be defused before it is too late.