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Punjab budget session summoned on June 13

Punjab Assembly’s budget session has been summoned on June 13 where provincial minister for finance Aisha Ghous will present budget of volume 1650 billion rupees.

Sources said that more than 550 billion rupees will be allocated for development projects while 9 billion rupees will be fixed for repairing and construction of dilapidated school buildings,  7 billion rupees for Lahore Knowledge park, 22 billion 620 million will be allocated for school education, 13 billion and 490 million, 90o million will be allocated for special education.

It is suggested in the budget to allocate 2 billion 160 million rupees for literacy and 610 million rupees for social welfare. Further suggestions for the budget are, for water supply and sanitation 14 billion and 95o million  rupees, women development 570.5 million rupees, for roads 79 billion and 810 million rupees, for irrigation 40 billion 666 million rupees .

It is also suggested in the budget to allocate 700 and 20 lakh rupees for labor and human resource development and for transport 32 billion, 235 million rupees.

For services 2 billion 185 million rupees, for tourism one billion 70 million rupees, for department of  environment 58 million rupees, for information and culture 414 million rupees will be allocated.