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Rabbani Expresses Dismay On Leakage of In-camera Session

Islamabad (December 20, 2017): The chairman Senate Raza Rabbani expressed strong anger on lawmakers for allegedly leakage of proceeding of in-camera senate session, in which military leadership including army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa briefed the senators on country’s security situation,  and said that sharing the information of in-camera session has tarnish the image of the house.

Parts of the in-camera senate session have been reported in various electronic media houses, despite complete ban on sharing of proceeding with media.

For allegedly breaching the privilege of the Senate, Rabbani forwarded the matter to the House Business Advisory Committee.

“The sharing of information of in-camera meeting caused the damage to senate’s image, therefore I decided to send the issue to House Business Advisory Committee,” he said adding that leader of the house, opposition leader and other members were included in the committee.“The committee will also draft the future policy regarding in-camera session,” he said.

Chairman senate told that the leader of the house, opposition leader and few other senators have not spoken during the in-camera session.

“Getting news essential responsibility of media and it get the news form sources, however we should cautious,” Rabbani said.

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