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Rabbani Urges OIC for Practical Steps Against US

By: Behzad Salimi

Islamabad (December 08, 2017): The chairman Senate Raza Rabbani has termed the Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel capital unacceptable and urged the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) for practical steps against US instead passing only condemnation resolutions.

Talking exclusively with Abbtakk News Rabbani said that the Jerusalem, Al-Qudas, was one of the controversial and occupied territories and such kind of area could not be declared as capital of any country.

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“Trump has torn apart the international laws and UN resolution in this connection as the move has put the US abandon,” he said.He mentioned that Islamic, European countries and Canada have refused to accept US decision to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel and they showed solidarity with Palestinians.

“We stand with Palestinians and nation reaction is the prove Pakistan will play the vital role on the issue as it is not only the issue of Palestine but entire Muslim Ummah,” he said.

He urged the OIC that it was the last opportunity for OIC to play active role on Jerusalem move rather only passing the condemnation resolutions as such moves had already been taken by the OIC in the past.“US has political, economic and military interests in middle east, therefore OIC should take practical steps to teach a lesson to US,” Rabbani said adding that National Assembly has already passed resolution against the US decision and the same resolution will be tabled in Senate as well.

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