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Recipe for a successful nation

We are living in a superficial world, where social trends decide our directions.  Similarly, many cooking channels and cookery shows are talk of the town, trade and viewership both are increasing gradually and this instant recipe changed our norms of learning too.  In a society where people seek refuge in cookery and mindless reality shows, it does not amuse one to find a complete shift in the norms of learning.

Today, we expect that our verbal formula (“motivational speech”) is a recipe of a successful nation. Is it so? May be motivational speaker and their supporters will endorse this, but reality showed that we are manipulating human’s psyche. So, here is a formula for success I offer. The ‘cricketer-turned-politician’ project himself to be a different kind of leader. He enjoyed unprecedented popularity after Bhutto, and PM house got his new possessor. List of gains is shorter than looses, people has faith that now someone will revive the policies, new Sun will rise and prosperity will flourish.

Recently, the NAB ordinance has passed for whatsoever the beneficiaries are, but only one man showed this courage to protect his financers and friends. No one in the history has had the courage to stand in the way of NAB. Even politicians like Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif could dare to go against the ordinance in the last ten years.

Furthermore, his spokesperson Firdous Ashq Awan supported his actions. She went on stating that courts of justice have proclaimed him as righteous and pious man in Pakistan. Therefore, it is not true on the part of his enemies can’t blame him for corruption. Moreover, a few days back, “Allah ko jaan daini hay” fame minister, slap-master Fawad Choudary and another brave federal minister Faisal Wavda set new examples of embarrassment for the government and Pakistan too.

Ironically, the score of ruling government between controversies and contradictions are equal in the contest, maybe the reason is a false instant recipe of a successful nation that’s been adopted by the ambitious and courageous leader of our new government. They have forgotten that the recipe of running a successful government is not acting by impulse. It is the courage to make decisions, choose an exceptional path and indulge in healthy dialogues.

In last few decades, an attitude towards social groups has traditionally been changed in Pakistan.

Once the same people who had once happily, whole-heartedly enjoyed diverse culture and participated in different religious and political beliefs, are now more opinionated and judgmental. Young people have zero- acceptance for the difference of opinion and this behaviour is accelerated in the last five years rapidly.

Whether it is government or opposition, bureaucracy or lawmakers, social or scientist, clerks or common-man, everyone is complaining about his own issues and dealing with day to day affairs.  On the other hand, politics and media outlets are busy in their own tug for power. In this scenario, political shows are the lifeline for them to gain TRP. No one is paying any heed to the debilitating and deteriorating social fabric saving a few veteran journalists. When our ambitious and courageous leader confronts opposition publicly with disgrace and backup his followers to chase the opponents, than what is going on today is less significant as to what’s waiting for us in the near future.

A few weeks back, an angry mob of lawyers attacked Lahore Cardiac Hospital and caused three deaths of patients, Mashal Khan was brutally murdered by his fellow students in Mardan University, Naureen Leghari, a medical student, received militant training in Syria and joined the militant IS group. Politically influential people killed twin brothers in Sialkot.  All of these incidents and events define us as a society. It is alarming to see the changing face of our society which has essentially become intolerant.

It is high time that we stop playing with youth’s emotions and channelize our youth and their energy and potential towards a constructive direction. In addition to that, we need to bring  drastic substantially momentous change in our educational system so that the environment dialogue, not debate can be established. The environment of rote reasoning and not just learning can be promoted. So we can create a society where tolerance, peace and equality could prevail; a society where extremism only exists in the dictionaries. But my question here is that who will take the charge?

Imran Khan was the hope of many people. He himself accepted that he took charge of this government for improvement of the country and not as just a traditional turn.  With the fresh start of the decade, PM claimed that the year 2020 will be the year of change.  I earnestly wish this change will be positive and not negative. There isn’t any instant recipe of successful nation. It will take us a long time to become nation let alone a successful one. We have yet to decide our direction.

Before every election, politicians make tall promises but as soon as they come in the power, they forget their promises.  I expect that only ambitious and courageous leader can take one more U-turn and focusing on education, shunning corruption, promote tolerance and paving way to the culture of healthy dialogue.

Imran Khan’s opponent called him a fascist and self-centred man, they blame that from the day he took charge, they believe that a cruse is setting heavy in the air. It is the prove them right. Its time to ban tik-tok for the healthy and positive upbringing of our generation as many other countries banned it too since it is causing physiological issues and fetal accidents rather than banning tik-tok after an orgy of parliamentarians from the ruling government. Prove yourself a true authoritarian by making participation of youth in one sport or art activity; making mandatory the presence of young blood with each bureaucrat, and start a program on the footprint of BIS program which allows people, between the age of 15 till 40, participating in any sport or art activity to enrol in youth income support system and be able to receive 10,000 rupees each month. Moreover, kindly ask PEMRA to focus more on censorship policies operating the content that manipulates our culture and religion rather around you and the government. You used “Riasat e Madina” as your slogan, it’s time to become fascist and implement the rule of law and education. It is undeniable that accountability and drives against corruption are crucial to move forward and become a proud and self-sustaining nation for Pakistan, but the reality is bitter, corruption runs deep and practically in every institution. Here not just political class is not involved but everyone is equally affected and involved in it.

I agree they yours is a successive government and you have intermitted way too many problems but without drastic and positive change you will be consider worst than all those traditional politicians who have failed during their tenures in power.

No matter how hard you would try, history will never remember you in a positive way. If things continue to work this way your failure sooner than later come to haunt you.

Nations have only progressed and societies have achieved stability when leaders work towards healing wounds along with enforcing the rule of law. Something that has not happened in Naya Pakistan. In the year 2020, our outstanding talent and motivational PM can change the future of Pakistan only if he could first change himself and throw out formula recipe. The focus should be on building harmony, tolerance and peace in the county rather promoting the environment of intolerance and leg-pulling which unfortunately has overshadowed the current political scene.