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RYK: Driver Dies in Tractor-Trolley, Train Collision

Rahim Yar Khan (March 26, 2018): A driver of tractor-trolley died in an accident when tractor-trolley and Train collided near Rahim Yar Khan on Monday.

According to the sources, the accident occurred as the Jetha Bhutta track was left open ahead of the arrival of the train, Pakistan Express.

Subsequently, the tractor-trolley driver Shabbir Ali took his vehicle on the track which resulted in the collision of the two vehicles.The driver was accompanied by his helper who saved his life by jumping off the tractor-trolley.

The train derailed from its track when both the vehicles collided.

The accident also caused the train to derail from its track, and damaged the up-track.

The passage of trains on the affected track remained suspended for five hours, during which the up-track was sent for repair to Feroza Station.

The occurrence of such accidents is frequent as vehicles, including rickshaws, cars and motorcycles, are often seen driving across open railway track gates, eventually being hit by trains that are scheduled to cross the path.

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