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Security companies blindly recruitment, hired absconder

Karachi: The security companies have recruited blindly in Karachi as an absconder remained a guard for 14 months.

The alleged accused Waseem got the employment in a security company and home without any documentation in Karachi

Waseem had murdered a person in Lahore and runaway to Karachi with the deceased wife.

The both were in hiding in Madho goth in Karachi.

Karachi police on hinting of Punjab police raided Madho goth in Gulshan-e-Iqbal in which two accused arrested including a woman.

It was informed about the accused that they are involved in a murder while the accused Farah along with Waseem killed his husband Nasir and later both were fled to Karachi.

The duo were residing in Karachi for 14 months while they were passing their life as husband and wife.

Waseem was working as a security guard for making end and meet and he didn’t submit any document for the job.

The security company where Waseem was employ was not on the papers.

On the other hand while a person was running the security guard company as a supervisor, who is on the run after the arrest of Waseem, according to the police.

The house where they were living had taken on the rent while the police have included the house owner under investigation.

However, Karachi police have handed over the accused to the Punjab Police who have left for Punjab carrying both of them.