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Sindh is being treated as step mother: CM Sindh

Chief Minister Sindh Qaim Ali Shah has blasted on K-Electric management and he said that no load shedding carried out in wealthy people’s areas and it is carried out in areas where poor people lives and people came to protest outside the CM house adding that Sindh is being treated as step mother.

The CM Sindh reached to Karachi Press Club and handed over a grant of 2.5 million rupees and the press club administration received the grant.

Qaim Ali Shah lamented on the K-Electric and said that masses have lot of trouble with the company.

Regarding federal government budget for fiscal year 2016-2017, the CM said that he has concerns over the budget and Sindh is being treated as step mother.

The CM said that providence of only 20 billion rupees for development is injustice adding that the federal government had promised that they will remove paucity of water and it was not fulfilled. Prime Minister has provided two billion rupees for K-4 project while the Sindh government allocated six billion rupees for the project adding that due to delay the project cost has increased from 25 billion to 37 billion rupees.

Qaim Ali Shah said that doing politics for water is not right and one should not do politics over people’s sufferings.

He stressed that Karachi operation will not be effected adding that strikes and sit-in culture must be ended.