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Smartphone Users Welcome 5G Network’s Collaboration With Huawei

SPAIN: Huawei smartphone users across Spain expressed their expectations after Vodafone announcement of launching its 5G network in cooperation with Chinese telecom giant Huawei in 15 Spanish cities, including Madrid and Barcelona.

While looking forward to the upcoming way faster download speeds of up to 1 Gbps, the Spanish also said they trust in the quality of Huawei products.

“I think Huawei is very competitive compared with other brands so they should not envy of it. I consider it very safe, and its password system and many other aspects make people trust this brand,” said Ana, a local resident.

“I began to use Huawei four years ago and it’s very pleasant experience for me. I like its design and technologies, including the softwares and camera, which are noted for perfect effect, low price and excellent quality, so I really love it. Huawei has the best 5G technology and I believe it is going to work well,” according to Enrique.

Many expressed their opposition to the U.S. move to suppress Huawei amid the escalating trade frictions between China and the United States, as it violates the principles of free market.