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Snake suddenly appears in flight to Alaska

Passengers on a commuter flight in Alaska could have used some help from the “Snakes on a plane”star because of, well, a snake on a plane.

The snake was found Sunday during a 90-minute Ravn Alaska flight from Aniak to Anchorage, according to media reports. out 15 minutes into the flight, the pilots told the passengers there was a snake loose on the plane. (Now that’s a nice way to start a flight!)

“Almost right away after that announcement a boy who was sitting with his mother in the last row found the snake hidden behind his seat,” passenger Anna McConnaughy told KTVA. “The flight attendant and the pilot took control over the situation right away.”

That flight attendant picked the snake up and put it in a plastic bag. No Samuel L. Jackson needed.

A passenger apparently brought the reptile onto the plane, which — you guessed correctly — is a no-no.

It’s not clear if the passenger is in any trouble for this little incident, but the plane did land safely, and on time, in Anchorage.