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Social media site X likely to change its design and timeline

California: Big changes could be coming to X in the coming months ahead, including a dramatic redesign of how the app looks and functions.

The social media platform will soon discard the like and repost buttons on the timeline, moving to a gesture-based approach instead.

Users can swipe left to like a post and swipe right to reply. They can also Force Touch to see a menu with more actions.

The move would represent a seismic change in how the app functions, with only the view count remaining in the top-right corner.

Elon Musk seems keen on the new look, saying, “It’s awesome. Just swipe left to like and right to reply.” However, there has been a lot of pushback from users who feel like it could hurt the overall experience.

Many of the changes Musk has made to X, formerly known as Twitter, have paid off.

It hasn’t always been the smoothest, nor without controversy, but the app appears to be in good health despite the countless doomsday predictions that were made during Musk’s initial takeover and ownership.

X could also bring back the downvote button, which made a brief appearance in 2022 before being removed.