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Solar storm intensifies across US, Europe, expected to continue next week

US/Europe: A remarkable display of northern lights lit up the skies last night across different parts of the world, turning the phenomenon into a free, multi-day light festival for Earthlings.

Aurora borealis made an appearance last night included United States, Germany, Switzerland, China, England and Spain.

The spectacular event occurred because of a series of strong coronal mass ejections from the sun. National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), said it hasn’t seen a solar storm like this since 2005.

The phenomenon comes after NOAA issued a rare severe geomagnetic storm warning when a solar outburst reached Earth on Friday afternoon, hours sooner than anticipated. The effects of the Northern Lights, were due to last through the weekend and possibly into next week.

NOAA alerted operators of power plants and spacecraft in orbit, as well as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), to take precautions.

NOAA stated that while the geomagnetic storm may impact Earth’s infrastructure, it is also what triggers the magical aurora.