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Super Hero save 26 children from the fire that broke out in Sahiwal Hospital.

SAHIWAL: Mujahid Arshad, a ward boy at Sahiwal DHQ Hospital saved the lives of 26 children from the fire that broke out in the hospital children’s ward.

As per detail, Children ward in Sahiwal Hospital fire erupted suddenly due to short circuit created panic and chaos within the hospital, despite the growing flames and thick smoke, Arshad did not hesitate and entered the burning ward, risking his own life to ensure the safety of the young patients. His quick thinking and courageous actions were instrumental in evacuating all 26 children from the ward, rescuing them one by one from the hazardous environment.

Eye Witnesses at the spot described the scene as harrowing, with Arshad demonstrating extraordinary composure and determination amid the chaos. His efforts ensured that each child was brought to safety without any harm, showcasing an incredible feat of heroism and dedication.

This act of valor has earned Mujahid Arshad widespread admiration and gratitude from the community. Hospital staff, parents of the children, and local residents are hailing him as the “Hero of Sahiwal,” recognizing his crucial role in averting what could have been a devastating tragedy.

Four infants, who were in critical condition according to the hospital MS, died while 74 were rescued by parents, hospital staff, security personnel, and Rescue 1122 teams.

Chief Minister Mariam Nawaz took notice of the incident and directed Commissioner Shoaib Iqbal to submit a report within 48 hours.