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Talks failed between Nishtar Hospital Administration, Nurses

Multan: Negotiation has failed between Nishtar Hospital administration and Nurses in Multan after which nurses again have  staged sit-in at Nishtar road.

The protest  of nurses’ have  continued on fifth day against mistreatment  nursing superintendent in Multan  Nishtar hospital as superintendent has kept restriction to cover Hijab over nurses.

However, nurses protested against nursing superintendent and had blocked the road beside it young doctors also participated in protest and supported their stance. The demonstrators said nursing superintendent has kept mistreatment with nurses as routine.

Obstacles have been put in providing facilities of nurses and in this connection Nishtar administration has locked-down the hostels. Nurses have participated in sit-ins along their  children. They clarified that no work could be done unless nursing superintendent should be dismissed.