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There Is No Point To Keep Nawaz In Prison Anymore: Hussain

LAHORE: Son of the former premier Nawaz Sharif, Hussain Nawaz on Friday said that there isn’t any point left to keep his father in custody anymore after the revelation of such concrete evidence.

Hussain Nawaz took to Twitter and said that concrete evidence has been presented before everyone and his father should be released immediately.

He wrote on his timeline; “Will the government keep a man in its custody after the revelation of such concrete evidence?”

“All the pieces of evidence of the case are now revealed before everyone and there is no point to keep Nawaz in custody anymore,” he added.

“The state is responsible to protect the rights of all of his citizens will they [government] give the examples of UK anymore,” he further added.

In another tweet, he said, “How the confessional statement of the judge was revealed before media in such haste.”

“The representatives have started the propaganda machinery without any counter confirmation,” said Hussain.

“It is yet to be seen that whether the former premier will get justice or not,” added the former premier’s son.

By concluding his statement in the third tweet he said, “Someone should tell the ‘Incompetent Premier’ and his ministers that this is not the matter of flats for whose money trail they were crying.”

“That case has already been suspended,” he concluded.