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Verbal Brawl Ensued Between Saad Rafique, NAB

Islamabad (March 15, 2018): Following the NAB decision of probe against Railway minister  Saad Rafique after receiving irregularities complaints against him, the railway minister has reacted strongly and said that NAB should stay away from character assassination of a person.

“If I am the corrupt than no one in the country is honest,” Saad Rafique said in reaction over social media website Twitter.

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He alleged that NAB created environment  to sketch someone as controversial and than they started investigation. He mentioned that he had never imposed trust on NAB as it was the institution formed by the former dictator Musharraf to pressurized opponents.

“Attacking from the behind is law or patriotism? NAB should must probe but not degrade the people,” he said.

NAB Response

The war of words not stopped here as NAB spokesperson  issued another statement saying that NAB only believed in supremacy of law and never tried to defame any person by keeping his self-respect in view.In his statement NAB spokesperson expelled the impression that NAB was doing action on any other persons direction and said, “No power in the country has compelled them as NAB is working independently as per law without any disparity.”

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