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Wasim reveals other players secrets

Former Captain Wasim Akram has revealed many secrets of other players during Indian comedy program, meanwhile he also apologized, saying that was all joke, whereas Wasim also showed how he proposed his wife.

First of all Wasim targeted Waqar Younis, saying that when Waqar was new in team, then Imran Khan had assigned a doctor to monitor him, while Waqar Younis set doctor’s watch time with four hours delay.

Later he told that Inzimam rashed after fans started to call ‘Aaloo’ and he hit the spectators with his bat, on which a case was registered against him.

Waseem Akram declared Shoaib Akhtar a biggest liar, saying that Shoaib Akhtar was asked not to go to night club during Calcuta test, but he went, on which he was brought back from the night club.