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Time has come! whether Britain will be part of EU or not?

The time has come whether Britain will remain EU’s par or not. For this,  about 4 crore 65 lac British voters will express their rights of determination by referendum. As voting process to be continued from 7am to 10pm today.

However important leader of  conservative party including British Prime Minister David Cameroon are in support to remain in european alliance, saying him expulsion from EU  would  prove to be destructive for economy. Thousands of British students demonstrated in oppose of expulsion from EU and  had appealed  from youths that they should cast vote in favour of to remain european alliance.

On the other hand, London’d mayor Sadiq Khan belonged to labour party  and ex-mayor Boris Johnson are in favour of expulsion of British from european coalition.  He was of the view that  Britain was rich country and and it could not be any impact  from european expulsion of it.