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Lahore: Heavy rain inundates low-lying areas as trip 175 feeders

A heavy rains wreak havoc in Lahore as low-lying areas have submerged and LESCO 185 feeders were tripped while at least two people were injured due to fallen of roof in Green Town.

Today, torrential rain in Lahore caused mayhem  which lasted  for two hours due to which low-lying areas were inundated and rain water entered in several houses as a result worth of valuable items were damaged, whereas water accumulated in under-passes of the city, due to which traffic flow were slow down while Traffic police were also disappeared from street.

In addition rain  for  Lahoris were turned out to be bane, as a heavy downpour which lasted about two hours caused 175 feeders tripped of LESCO, due to which  several areas of city faced power outage and still power supply could not be restored.

Furthermore, a dilapidated roof  was collapsed due to rain in Green Town area of Lahore, resultantly two people were wounded whom were transported to Hospital.

On the other hand,  meteorological department said that  intermittent rain is likely to continue in most areas of upper Punjab including Lahore during the next 24 hours.