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27,300 tons sacrificial animals remains lifted and dump in first day of Eid in Karachi: DCs

Karachi: A meeting was held in the chair of Commissioner Karachi Syed Hassan Naqvi to review lifting of sacrificial animals offal and entrails on occasion of Eid Ul AlAzha in Karachi.

Additional Commissioner Karachi Syed Ghulam Mehdi, Deputy Commissioner Central Fawad Ghafar Soomro, Assistant Commissioner Headquarters Rabya Saeed were in attendance in the commissioner office while all other deputy commissioners participated in the meeting by video link.

All the DCs briefed the meeting about their area situation of lifting and dumping of the sacrificial animals remains.

All the Deputy Commissioners (DCs) briefed the meeting regarding collection of sacrificial animals entrails and dumping of it in their districts.

The DCs apprised the commissioner Karachi that 27,300 ton of sacrificial animals remains were lifted and dumped on the first day of Eid.

Assistant Commissioners, Sindh Solid Waste Management Board (SSWMB), Municipal Cooperations and Town Administrations are working together, the DCs apprised the commissioner.

They added that all assistant commissioners and respective officers are in field and overseeing the lifting of offal’s and entrails and cleaning work.

More than 27, 300 tons of remains of sacrificial animals were lifted and dumped at Landfull side Jam Chakro, landfull side Gond pass and GTS Sharafi.

The DCs apprised the commissioner that 12,800 ton offal and entrails were dumped at Jam Chakro, as many as 10,300 ton sacrificial animals remains were dumped in Gond Pass and more than 4000 ton of offal and entrains were dumped at Sharafi.

The Commissioner Karachi, at the occasion said that lifting of sacrificial animals remains on the occasion of Eid Ul Azha are continued with coordination in Karachi.

All the orders given regarding collection of offal’s and entrails are being implemented, the Commissioner said.

The Commissioner Karachi said that cleaning work and lifting of sacrificial animals remains will continue for four days.

Syed Hassan Naqvi said that no negligence will be tolerated in the lifting of the offals and entrails.

All the DCs keep the control rooms functional at their offices and keep in touch with other institutions and make sure that the control rooms remain functional for four days, the Commissioner directed.

The DCs depute the assistant commissioners at traffic choke points, malls and animal markets, the Commissioner instructed.