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Aamir’s Secret Superstar In Reviews

Web Desk (October 18, 2017): It is no secret that movies produced by Aamir Khan deliver a specific message and are aimed at elucidating various issues that are prevalent in the society. However, this time around Aamir Khan-starrer ‘Secret Superstar’ has received mixed reviews from fans and critics.

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Aamir Khan’s home production, ‘Secret Superstar’ narrates a tale of a Muslim girl Insia born in a relatively conservative family whose only breadwinner, the father, tends to care about his only son. Capturing beautifully the patriarchy that persists in the society, the film deeply feels the gender based inequality that exists in all arenas, beginning from family.

An extension to the previously-released ‘Dangal’ – Aamir Khan’s highest grossing movie ever – ‘Secret Superstar’ imparts a message of women empowerment. It revolves around Insia’s journey of pursuing her dream to become a playback singer, something that is considered taboo for a traditional Muslim family.

On the downside, the film’s extremely lengthy and dragged, according to viewers and it could have been done with a little restraint.

However, the presence of Zaira Wasim steals the hearts of the audiences with the bubbly yet revolutionary character that she portrays. In addition, Aamir Khan’s character as music producer Shakti Kumar takes a dig at the Bollywood’s music industry, award shows and the entertainment media through humour spikes throughout the film.

Secret Superstar is set to be released for audiences on Oct 19. Watch the latest creation of veteran actor Aamir Khan and decide for yourself if the movie is a hit or miss.

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