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Akhtar Slams Federal Govt Over Delay In Karachi Package

KARACHI: Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar on Saturday slammed the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-led federal government over negligence on issues prevailing in the economic hub of Pakistan.

While talking to reporters, Akhtar complained that the federal government made promises to resolve all issues related to Karachi. However, no development was seen so far as the citizens were now deprived of water, he said.

The mayor said that Karachiites were facing serious issues including shortage of public transport, cleanliness and water. He questioned when the city which run whole economy of the country will get its rightful right.

He demanded federal government to fulfill its promise for provision of development package to Karachi.

While answering a question regarding [federal minister] Faisal Vawda’s petition against him, Akhtar said the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was a respectable institution that can investigate whatever it wants. The Mayor clarified that he was ready to cooperate with the anti-corruption watchdog in investigation.