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ISLAMABAD: The Anti-smuggling operation continue throughout the country to prevent the smuggling of essential commodities.

According to the latest statistics, 3036 metric tons of fertilizer, 262 metric tons of flour, 34626 metric tons of sugar, 236547 cigarette stocks, 247133 cloth bags and 6.055 million liters of Iranian oil have been recovered since September last year.

The government of Pakistan has initiated an extensive crackdown on the smuggling of essential commodities. This decisive action comes as citizens face severe shortages of crucial goods such as flour, sugar, fertilizer, and oil.

From May 5 to May 12, authorities successfully seized 565 metric tons of sugar, 4,127 stacks of cigarettes, 1,322 bags of cloth, and 198,600 liters of Iranian oil. These operations targeted smuggling networks across the country, with significant hauls from major cities.

In Multan, officials confiscated 99 stacks of cigarettes, 133 cloth bags, and 28,000 liters of Iranian oil. Karachi saw the seizure of 164 cigarette stacks, 483 cloth bags, and 19,000 liters of Iranian oil.

Quetta reported the largest seizures, including 3,864 cigarette stacks, 706 cloth bags, and 135,000 liters of Iranian oil. Peshawar also contributed to the crackdown with the recovery of 16,000 liters of Iranian oil.