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Karachi (February 12, 2018): The suspect in the rape and murder case of four-year-old Asma in Mardan, Muhammad Nabi, has confessed to his crime before the court on Monday.

On Wednesday, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Police had claimed to have arrested the main suspect, 15-year-old Muhammad Nabi who was a close relative of the minor girl.

The accused in his confessional statement stated that he had taken Asma to a sugarcane field and tried to sexually abuse her. However, after the child cried, he strangled her to death.

Asma was reported missing from the Gujjar Garhi area in Mardan on January 13 and recovered dead the next day from the nearby sugarcane fields.

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It is pertinent to mention here that on February 07, two suspects have been arrested for their alleged connection in the Asma murder case, informed Mardan Regional Police Officer Dr Mian Saeed.

Speaking in a press conference, the police officer informed that the prime suspect Muhammad Nabi is 15-year-old worked in a local restaurant and also a relative of the deceased.

Dr Saeed said that the case was resolved by tracing a drop of blood on a leaf in the sugarcane field where the minor was killed.

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The report said that fingerprint traces of the suspect was found on the neck of the deceased, and the weapon used for the crime by him has also been recovered.

Dr Mian Saeed said that the suspect attempted sexual assault on the four-year-old in the sugar fields, the minor resisted by shouting for help, in reaction to it Nabi killed the minor by strangulation.“The crime scene was in a 16-kennel sugarcane field. It was a blind case, we had no CCTV image neither any eyewitness, not suspicion on anyone, the police officers resolved this case with tremendous hard work,” informed Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Inspector General Salah Uddin Mehsud.

The other suspect’s name is Fawad, a close associate of the suspect. Police claim that Nabi had informed him about the killing, the law enforcement authority plans to present Fawad as a witness against the prime suspect in court.

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