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Coming 2 America Trailer: King Akeem Returns to America

The official trailer for Coming 2 America ushers in the return of an icon. Eddie Murphy is back as King Akeem of Zamunda and with him is a cast full of familiar faces. Arsenio Hall is back as Akeem’s best friend, Semmi and Shari Headley returns as Akeem’s wife, Queen Lisa. Along with the returning actors, a slew of fresh faces to the series breathes new life into the film.

Jermaine Fowler and Leslie Jones play key roles as people from Akeem’s past and the film will follow Akeem as he prepares his son to take on the role of King of Zamunda one day. It is former King Jaffe’s (James Earl Jones) final wish that Akeem find his son so that he can have a male heir take on the throne. Also joining the cast are Wesley Snipes, Kiki Layne, and Teyana Taylor. Early looks at the film have shown off the expansive cast, but the new trailer finally gives fans a glimpse at what’s in store.

The trailer goes deeper into the plot this time around, with Prince Akeem returning to America with Semmi to look for his long lost son. The new trailer gives a first look at Fowler’s performance as Akeem’s son, Lavelle, as he returns to Zamunda with Akeem and his mother, played by Jones. Instead of repeating the original film’s plot, it looks as if Coming 2 America will be the first film in reverse, with Lavelle the fish out of water as he adapts to his new role in Zamunda. Check out the trailer below:

It looks like Coming 2 America will be able to explore Zamunda in a way that Coming to America wasn’t. The 1988 film took place primarily in New York, but with the second film’s budget, it looks like fans will finally get to explore the birthplace of Akeem. It will also be a treat to see the roles reversed – Akeem’s son looks to be taking on the role his father played in the first film as he adapts to the customs of Zamunda, a culture that is much different than the one the Queens native is used to.

While the trailer leans heavy on comedy, there is also political intrigue it seems. Snipes’ character, General Izzi, wants to take over Zamunda and he has a clear disdain for Akeem. He can be seen shooting at a portrait of Akeem at one point in the trailer. While it’s unlikely that Coming 2 America will lean too heavily on dramatics like an attempted coup, it looks like the film will be as funny as the first (even if it isn’t R-rated like the original) while changing up the formula just enough to make it fresh for a new generation.