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Haleema Murder case: Local Court rejects police report over release of Sonia

Karachi Local Court has  issued an order for sending the Jail to suspect Rizwan and Sonia till June 21 by rejecting the Police report over  releasing Sonia in nominated Haleema murder case.

Police have  presented the  innocent report of Sonia before the court in Haleema murder case. It has made stance in Police report that Sonia is an innocent and nothig has proved  against her thus she must be released.

An investigative officer has adopted the point in interim-challan that suspects has taken house for  slain while asked his wife to leave Karachi  by expressing nuisance, all matters needed of probe on which advocate Rizwan appealed the court to transfer the prosecution  into  Session Court instead of investigating over interim-challan.

While talking to media suspect Sonia was wept  after rejection her  release request. “It seems to have known that today I would go home along with daughter but could not happen as such”, she lamented.