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Abbtakk News Unearths Mega Corruption Scandal In Karachi Inter-Board

KARACHI: Abbtakk News unearthing the mega embezzlement scandal of Karachi inter-board has acquired an audio recording of a conversation between controller examination and agent mafia.

According to the acquired audio controller examination of inter-board Azeem Siddique involved in students marks, assigning centres of someone choice and including carrying out cheating to students.

Controller inter-board Azeem Siddique can be heard saying that “ provide Murtaza Wahab with a gift of the car so that he could take care of the department of anti-corruption”  while Azeem Siddique can be also heard saying that “All the money for the task must be taken in the form of bonds.”

The controller examination instructed agent of inter-board “ not to go by himself for getting money and send someone other so that if recorded that person could be seen adding that one can be trapped in this task and carry out the task with utmost cleverness.”

Azeem Siddique said to inter-board agent “we will work on 200 copies on per day”.