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Actress Sahiba Rambo meets her biological father for the first time

WEB DESK: A well known Pakistani Actress Sahiba Rambo met with her father for the first time. She told her fans that it is for the first time

In a video on her YouTube channel, Sahiba spoke about the meeting, and also shared photos and video clips of the emotional reunion. The heartwarming encounter could be seen bringing tears of joy as the father and daughter embraced each other. 

Expressing his sentiments, Sahiba Rambo’s father, Inam Rabbani, revealed that he was overwhelmed with happiness to finally reunite with his daughter after 42 years of separation.

He admitted to feeling guilty of the prolonged absence and expressed remorse for the limitations that prevented them from meeting earlier. Accepting responsibility for his past mistakes, he expressed gratitude for the opportunity to reconcile with his daughter.

Sahiba Rambo, on the other hand, shared her perspective on the reunion, stating that she was deeply moved by her father’s affectionate embrace and expressions of love. Despite the years of separation and unanswered questions, she chose to forgive her father, emphasizing the importance of love and reconciliation in their newfound relationship