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New Spell Of Rain and Snow Enters The Country

basil bilal
ISLAMABAD: The new spell of precipitation and snow has entered the country. Shogran, Naran, Kaghan, Laouveer, Astor are completely covered with snow. Winters are in

Fresh Spell of Rain, Snow Expected to Engulf Country

Syed Shayan
ISLAMABAD: Rain-thunderstorm with snowfall over the hills is expected at scattered places for the three upcoming days across the country, as per Pakistan’s Meteorological Department

Upper Areas Covered in Snow, Upper Sindh-Punjab Enveloped in Fog

Anum Rizwan
ISLAMABAD: Mercury has dropped down to it’s lowest in different parts of the countries, leaving daily life frozen.  Mainly cold and dry weather is expected in

Temperature Drops as Mountainous Areas Receive Snowfall

Anum Rizwan
Islamabad (January 08, 2019): Mercury dropped to minus as mountainous areas of the country received more snowfall in past few days. Click Play Button To Watch

WHO Lauds Pak’s Commitment For Health Coverage

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Health Desk (December 22, 2018): World Health Organization has applauded Pakistan’s strong political commitment to achieving universal health coverage. The appreciation came from the Organization’s