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Crashed PK-661 crew bodies not be exhumed

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad district administration, police and forensic experts have decided not to exhumed bodies of the crashed PK-661 flight crew and instead decided to use the samples of victims bodies already preserved at PIMS for the test to determine whether they were drugged or poisoned.

Earlier the investigators have decided to exhume the bodies of the crashed PK-661 crew to determine whether they have been drugged or poisoned.

All the passengers on board PK-661 were killed when it crashed, including 31 men, nine women, two infants and five crew members.

The district administration, forensic experts, and police have suspended the plan exhume the bodies and instead decided to use already obtained samples of the bodies for the test.

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad said that after the decision to use the samples of bodies at PIMS the plan to exhume the bodies was suspended for the time being.