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Entire Nation Knows Real Game Behind Our Trial: Nawaz

Islamabad (April 02, 2018): Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday said that despite passage of one week, the star witness in the NAB reference against him-Wajid Zia- is unable to inform the court as to from where the money was looted and now the entire nation has come to know the real game behind this.

Talking to media on his arrival at the accountability court, Nawaz said that the cleverness from the JIT made against him are exposed before the accountability court and Wajid Zia is unable to tell as to from where the money was looted.

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He said that the apex court decision was regarding the salary which he never received and the Iqama and a case was sent to NAB to prepare a reference against them. “I was against fighting this case in the courts but participated in the proceedings and are fighting our case in courts,” he said.

“If we had boycotted then the lies of the JIT and the decision of the apex court could not be exposed,” he said adding that they are now exposed.He said that the entire nation has come to know regarding the real game on the backdoor and the NAB trial has exposed their intentions to oust Nawaz at any cost.

“It is writing on the wall that PML-N will win 2018 elections but some people are trying to create hurdles but their efforts will not succeed,” he said.Earlier the accountability court permitted the former prime minister and his daughter Maryam Nawaz to skip the accountability court proceedings.

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