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FBR Collects 68 Billion Rupees In Tax Amnesty Scheme

Islamabad (June 30, 2018): Federal Board Of Revenue (FBR) has collected 68 billion rupees in tax amnesty scheme.

According to sources, June 30 was last day of tax amnesty scheme and rupees 68 billion have been collected, FBR is expecting that 4 to 5 billion dollar will be invested in Pakistan.

Tax Amnesty Scheme proved to be a success, This scheme indeed encouraged many to become the part of tax net and assisted the government in increasing revenue, claimed sources.It is pertinent to mention that PML-N’s government initiated Tax Amnesty Scheme at the last moment of its period.

This scheme was pursued keeping in view the low number of tax-filers. Out of 207 million people, there are only 1.2 million who are paying taxes habitually.

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