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‘First Time Any Government Apprised Public on True Economic Situation’

ISLAMABAD: Spokesperson of Chief Minister of Punjab Dr Shahbaz Gill has said that for the first time in country’s history, a government has briefed the nation on its “genuine economic situation”.

In a series of tweets on Thursday, Dr Shahbaz reflected on the debts acquired by previous governments and reiterated allegations of corruption on Sharif family.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan is the only hope of nation. Pakistan will economically strength under his leadership. For the first, a government has given thorough awareness to people regarding the economic scenario. Times of fake projects and political flexing are over”, he tweeted.

He accused that past rulers focused on collecting party funds from the trading community instead of increasing the tax net, urging all countrymen to pay their taxes in order to “make the country stand on its own feet”.

He continued: “In last 10 years, loan of $24000 was taken to fill own pockets, not even leaving the financial aids given for earthquake affectees. Public wants to know what sort of Aladin’s magic lamp was in possession of Sharif family which increased their wealth at such extraordinary scale”.