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Govt To Knock SC Doors For Appointment of ECP Members From Sindh, Balochistan

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has decided to knock on Supreme Court doors on the appointment of members of election commission of Pakistan from Sindh and Baluchistan.

Prime Minister Special Assistant (PMSA) on political affairs Naeem Ul Haq said that the matter in the parliamentary committee formed to appoint the ECP members from Sindh and Baluchistan is at a standstill after deadlock appeared.

Naeem Ul Haque further said that the opposition and the Prime Minister did not agree on the matter and the constitution is quite what to do if deadlock appeared so the SC could inform how to fill the seats.

It is pertinent to mention here that the opposition and the government could not agree on the names of two members for the appointment in the parliamentary committee to appoint members of the ECP from Sindh and Baluchistan yesterday.

Sherry Rehman, the opposition member said that they had formed formula for the appointment but the government did not agree on it, as per her formula one member be taken from the government from one province while on the other province opposition member be taken as the members of the ECP.

Treasury member, Shereen Mazari said that the government could send the issue to the Supreme Court.

It is pertinent to mention here that the ECP member from Sindh Abdul Ghaffar Soomro and Balochsitan member Shakil Ahmed Baluch had been retired on January 26 and seats have to be filled within 45 days after retirement.

For the appointment, the constitutional guideline is clear according to which Prime Minister with the consultation of the Opposition leader sends name to the parliamentary committee.

The Speaker NA forms the parliamentary committee which contains each 50 percent members from the government and the opposition.

However, the PM and the Opposition leader could not be reached consensus on the matter.