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Gujrat, Mianwali: Heavy Rains; Water Inflow, Discharge

Gujrat (July 13, 2017): Calling the flood situation under control in River Chenab and rivers and water Deputy Commissioner Gujrat Muhammad Ali has put the water flow upstream flow  at Head Khanki at 93,793 cusec and the discharge downstream at 73, 268 cusec and 75,687 cusec flow upstream and 53,687 cusec discharge downstream at Qadirabad.

The water flow in River Chenab at Head Marala was put at 98,166 cusec upstream and 65,166 cusec discharge downstream.

The rains spills presently is being monitored closely and stringently so as help avoid any untoward incident, the Deputy Commissioner added while talking to  media during the visit of various flood-impacted areas. He also said that the flood situation is under control all across the Gujrat District.

Around 68,000 cusec water was added to Chenab River within three hours due to rains while 5,000 cusec has been added in Jammu Tavi.

The water inflow at upstream at Head Marala in Gujrat was recorded at 167,046 cusec while the discharge downstream   was recorded  at 14,144 cusec.

According to Irrigation Department there is low level flood in Chenab River at Gujrat.

Meanwhile, according to Flood Control sources the flow of water at upstream Jinnah Barrage was recorded at 234,735 cusec while the outflow downstream   was recorded at 227,235 cusec. The flow of water at Chashma Barrage was recorded at 253,976 cusec while the outflow at the same point was recorded at 247,797 cusec, the sources informed.

According to Flood Control sources there is a low level flood  at Chashma Barrage Mianwali due to continuous increase in flow of water though the water level at Jinnah Barrage Mianwali has decreased.

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