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Hyderabad: Burnt Body of Man Recovered From Water Tank

Hyderabad (December 19, 2018): The burnt dead body of a young man reported to be missing has been recovered from near the Old Powerhouse here in the city, authorities said Tuesday night.

The body, found from inside a water tank in a house, has been identified as that of 25-year-old Ahsan Jameel, who was missing since December 16, police noted, adding that a missing person report had been registered earlier at the Paniari station.

Police also mentioned that the family claim they had paid Rs300,000 to the alleged kidnappers as ransom.An investigation into the death has been commenced, authorities commented, adding that one of the deceased’s friends was taken into custody.

The detainee had first indicated the location of the dead body, following which he was taken into police custody. However, since the investigation is currently underway, police said no further information could be provided in this regard.

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