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If you think you ever saw bad haircuts, here are the worse

When your hair is getting too long or it has become way too damaged, it’s time for you to get a haircut. Some people will just go to their regular salon and get a trim, but sometimes it’s best to try something completely new like:

  • Bangs
  • Layers
  • A new dye job

With high risk comes high reward. However, there is the chance that the final cut might come out worse than the photo you provided. In fact, it seems like only certain celebrities can pull off these bold hairstyles.

Sure, you might not be able to rock bangs like Zooey Deschanel but just be glad that you’re not one of these people. If you want to feel better about your horrible haircut check out the photos in this gallery. By the end of it, you’ll be grateful for your choppy bangs.

For those that are balding in the balding in the middle of their head, embrace it by getting a hair cut that makes your bald spot the star of the show!



Girls tend to rock flower crowns when they go to music festivals but what if you’re a dude? Throw in some daisies and rock yourself an awesome flower mohawk.


Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Once you get caught by the authorities, they usually take you in so that you get to take a glamorous mug shot. Unfortunately for you, they don’t give you time to look your very best.


This guy has a lot of things going on. The bangs, sideburns and gelled hair really screams ‘Don’t mess with me.’ He even has the mean mugging facial expression to go along with his bad guy look.


When you’re a lover of a certain celebrity, you might want to show off your dedicated fan status. Die hard fans will prove their loyalty by doing something like this. We think that’s suppose to be Michael Jackson.


People were rocking some pretty sweet hair back in the day. The classic mullet shows off that you’re a professional and a weekend warrior. Business in the front, party in the back!


People tend to look their best on school photo day. What kind of hairstyle should you go for? Some cute ponytails might be nice. At least this dude has a charming smile.


It takes some serious skill to be able to get your hair looking like this. At least now he has a mugshot that is unlike anybody else.


A lot of animals in the animal kingdom will fluff their feathers or show off their colors in order to attract a mate. We think this guy is trying to do something along those lines. Just look at the height on his hair!


A handlebar mustache is usually something that sits on your face, but that doesn’t mean it has to sit on your upper lip. This guy is breaking barriers with his new hairdo.


The rat tail is usually a long strand of hair by the back of your neck. This guy literally turned his rat tail into a real one by shaving a rat silhouette on his scalp.


What exactly was the barber trying to go for? That is one messy hairline. By the look of his face we really don’t think he’s a fan of his new do.


If you want to replicate this look then you’re going to need a lot of hair ties and hair spray. If your hair doesn’t stick up like Alfalfa then you’re doing it wrong.


Layers are a common thing that people get in order to add a bit of dimension to their hair. However, the hairstylist behind this look really needs to go back to school.