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Islamabad (October 31, 2017): Islamabad High Court on Tuesday reserved its judgment on a petition of former Principal Information Officer (PIO) Rao Tahseen seeking the court to order the government to provide him with a copy of Dawn Leak inquiry report.

Justice Amir Farooq of IHC heard the petition of Tahseen seeking the court to order the government to give him a copy of the report.

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During the course of hearing, federation opposed the petition, saying that the inquiry report contained sensitive information and hence can not be given to the petitioner.

The court after hearing arguments of the counsel of petitioner and government law officers reserved its judgment.  Deputy Attorney General while opposing the petition said that Dawn leaks’ inquiry report was not a public document rather it was a sensitive document.

Tahseen had moved to the IHC against the federal government to provide him with a copy of the Dawn Leaks inquiry report.

Rao Tehsin Ali Khan, through his counsel Wasim Sajjad, had approached the IHC seeking the inquiry report so that he could know the exact nature of the accusations levelled against him and avail legal remedies.

The counsel stated that a very harsh action had been taken against the petitioner, resulting in his public humiliation and removal from the PIO office.Sajjad said that it was the right of the petitioner under the principles of natural justice and Article 19-A of the Constitution to be given a copy of the report. He said that Tehsin could not avail any remedy against the action taken against him without getting a copy of the report.

The counsel said that as the report dealt with a sensitive issue an inquiry was conducted to fix responsibility on the people who leaked the information.

Subsequently, an inquiry committee headed by Justice (retd) Amir Raza called the petitioner and asked him about his role in the matter. Before the committee, Sajjad said, the petitioner completely denied any role in this regard as he had neither attended the meeting nor was he informed about the outcome.

In light of the report prepared by the committee, secretary to the prime minister on April 29 issued directions that “Rao Tehsin Ali Khan PIO of the ministry of information shall be proceeded against (Efficiency and Discipline) Rules, 1973 on the charges based on findings in the instant report”. Later, the Establishment Division issued a notification relieving the petitioner of his duties and directing him to report to the division.

On May 3, Sajjad said, a notification was issued by the Information and Broadcasting Division stating that the petitioner had been relieved of his duties as PIO.

He said that the petitioner does not know till today the findings of the inquiry committee or the reason behind the harsh action taken against him that resulted in a stigma and public humiliation for the petitioner, his family and also affected his service career.

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