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Imran Khan Could Not Run Economy of The Country: PPP Leaders

ISLAMABAD: Secretary Information of Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) Nafisa Shah has demanded that if amnesty scheme awarded to Aleema Khan then why not to other politicians.

Addressing a presser in Islamabad PPP secretary Information Nafisa Shah and Pulwasha Khan said that Asad Umar did not have anything to tell masses adding that PML-N also said that at its time of rule in the country that they were introducing last amnesty scheme while the government following its path saying no amnesty scheme will be introduced until doomsday after the last one.

Nafisa Shah said that Jehangir Tareen is a Godfather of the benami accounts while she said that separate anti-graft body should be established for the corruption of FIA and NAB.

Pulwasha said that parliamentary affairs minister conducted contempt of parliament as he threatened to beat up parliamentarians and he should ashamed of his act.

The PPP leaders said that President was making mock of people by delivering interviews adding that Imran Khan could not run the economy even he sold out the whole of Islamabad.