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Imran Levels Fake Allegations To Hide Weaknesses: Marriyam  

Islamabad (March 10, 2018): The Federal Minister for Information Marriyam Aurangzeb said that Imran Khan levels baseless allegation against his opponents in order to hide his weaknesses and performance in KPK.

As per details, the state minister alleged Imran Khan of bringing money from abroad through hundi process. She was addressing a ceremony organized by a private school in Islamabad today.

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She said that Nawaz Sharif was the only leader who accepted every decision from the court and on the contrary Imran raises hue and cry over any decision against him.

“Khan should inform why he submitted fake documents in the apex court,” she asked.

Marriyum Aurangzeb has stressed the need for promoting tolerance and inculcating our indigenous values in the students.She said it is our responsibility to make our children productive and useful citizens of the country and this process begins at home with the grooming parents impart to children.

The Minister of State said our students are competing at international level and there is a need to educate our children about our indigenous cultural and moral values.

She said private schools are playing an important role in imparting quality education in line with modern standards.The Minster of State said under the Prime Minister’s Education Reform Scheme reform process was started in schools of federal capital to bridge the gap between public and private sector education. Later talking to newsmen Marriyum Aurangzeb said opponents of PML-N is trying to weaken it but they will not succeed in their aspirations.

She said people believe that PML-N is the only party that delivers on its promises.

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