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Increasing People Suffering Top Priority of ‘Incompetent’ Govt: Nayyar Bukhari

ISLAMABAD: Increasing people’s grievances is the top priority of the incompetent government said this by Secretary General of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Nayyar Bukhari.

Commenting on increasing gas and electricity prices by the government, PPP secretary general Nayyar Bukhari declaring the government ‘selected’ said that the government has assumed the role of the pocket snatcher.

The PPP secretary-general said that the government has been transferring the burden of too many ministers, advisers and assistants on the masses while he also said that essential goods are being snatched from the people by increasing gas and power prices.

Nayyer Bukhari terming the government as ‘suicide’ bomber he said that a ‘suicide bomber of inflation’ is imposed on the country adding that the nation wanted response of Prime Minister Imran khan.

He claimed that “if country engulfed in the inflation is the sign that the government is a thief.” Adding that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari criticized the government justly who brought a tsunami of inflation, unemployment in the country.

He said that “the PPP Chairman is striving against anti-people policies of the government.”

Nayyar Bukhari claimed that ‘chaos seeking’ group resorted to atrocities on the people of the country adding that ‘anti-people’ ruler is heedless to grievances of people of Abpara, Raja Bazar, Mochi Darwaza.