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Indian Army Given Certificate To Kill Kashmiris: Mashal Malik

ISLAMABAD: Wife of hurriyat leader Yasin Malik, Mashal Malik has strongly condemned Indian atrocities on people of Kashmir.

Talking to journalists in Islamabad along with chief of the supreme council of Iraq Dr. Humam Hamumi, Mishal Malik said that India has reached its threshold of atrocities in occupied Kashmir wherein incidents of gang rape occurred every day.

She said that Indian army has been given certificates of murders of Kashmiris adding that United Nations has published a report regarding torture on Kashmiris in the hands of Indian army while she urged the Muslim Umma to raise voice against atrocities on Kashmiris in the hands of Indian army.

Mashal Malik said that the Kashmir dispute has become a nuclear flashpoint between Pakistan and India adding that hurriyat leaders her husband Yasin Malik and senior leader Syed Ali Gillani have been put behind the bars while Yasin Malik has been prisoned in death cell of Tihar jail.

She said that” I have been shattered seeing continues torture on my husband Yasin Malik while my daughter also disturbed over atrocities committed on her father.”

Mashal said that the Indian government has deprived the Kashmiris their all rights adding that peaceful Kashmiris wanted nothing but independence.