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Javed Hashmi for creation of new provinces

MULTAN: Senior politician Makhdoom Javeed Hashmi has demanded creation of new provinces in the country for development of the country and devolution of power.

Addressing a presser in Multan, Hashmi said that “I had written in my first book that division between blacks and white in the US will widen and the US will never elect any women as president.”

He said that “my prediction proved accurate” adding that today i am predicting that America will disintegrate now”.

Hashmi, who has been part of Pakistan Muslim League-N and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in past, demanded creation of more provinces in the country.

He added that creation of new provinces will strengthen federation.

Hashmi criticizes Punjab government’s Orange Line Train project adding that people were not satisfied with metro and orange line train projects.

He declared Pakistan Army as proud institution of the country.

Hashmi said that he wanted to sell his Multan residence amid  security reasons and added that he got more love in Lahore than Multan, “I was elected MNA thrice from Lahore”.