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KPK: Health Department Fails To Fulfil Its Claims

Peshawar(June 14, 2018): KPK government fails to fulfill its claims of health securities in the province. Due to unavailability of treatment, a young man lost his life after suffering from Congo virus.As per the details, change in weather became the reason for the rapid growth of Congo virus. 25 years old Shafi Ullah from Bannu suffered from Congo virus, after which he was taken to Hayatabad medical complex, where management of Hospital refused to admit him.Later, due to unavailability of treatment in Hayatabad medical complex, the patient was referred to Khyber teaching school. In the model hospital as well, he was refused to provide medical treatment, reason being the unavailability of the isolation room.

25 years old, Shafi Ullah lost his life in Khyber teaching school due to lack of medical treatments and isolation wards.

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