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New Pakistan To Emerge In This Year: Imran Khan

Rawalpindi (April 08, 2018): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has said that this is the year for new Pakistan and added, “In the next elections the corrupt group will lose.”

While addressing a public meeting in Rawalpindi, Imran said that Metro and other projects were launched for mega corruption. He said the people’s money could be use for clean water and hospitals.

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Imran said that his party will ‘thrash all the rival political parties’ in the next elections.

The PTI chairman was addressing a party membership camp in Rawalpindi, where he said that the PML-N did not provide basic facilities to the people of the province where it rules.

He said that people will get rid of corrupt politicians this year and added that he had been waiting for this match for last 22 years.Imran said that PML-N will receive humiliating defeat in the upcoming elections. He said the corrupt mafia is also involved in money laundering.

The PTI chairman said that when his party will come in power, he will ensure that the green passport will be respected.

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