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One Person Nabbed For Murder of Afzal Kohistani

ABBOTTABAD: Police, on Thursday, arrested one person for the murder of Afzal Kohistani, who was central character in exposing the 2012 Kohistan video scandal.

Afzal was the main character who exposed 2012 Kohistan video to the media and later Supreme court.

On Wednesday evening, he was shot dead in area of Sarban Chowk of Abbottabad at around 8 pm by unidentified gunmen. Eye-witnesses claimed that he was shot multiple times and died on the spot.

In the murder case, a breathtaking development has taken place as police have arrested Afzal Kohistani’s very own nephew for the murder. However, the bereaved family has alleged Police for ‘trying to hide the real culprits’.

Moreover, rejecting police’s claims, the family has also refused to take back the dead body of Afzal Kohistani from Benzair hospital where it was taken for post-mortem.

Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan has taken notice of the incident and ordered to carry out transparent investigation in Afzal’s murder case.

Afzal’s Video Shot Hours Before Death Surfaces On Social Media

On the other hand, Afzal’s video, which he recorded some hours before his death, has surfaced on social media where he can be seen stating that he is receiving threats.

Afzal was recorded saying, “I and my family members are getting life threats. Police presented a dramatic report in the Kohistan video scandal case. It has been seven years but I am yet to receive justice in the case”.

Further, Afzal, in his video, said that he was made the target of violence by the Police when he approached them for life protection.

“They locked me up when I aked them for protection. The pistol which I kept for my own protection was used to hit me. I only approached them because I was receiving life threats”, added Afzal.