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Pakistan Always Defended Its Boundaries Actively: Chairman Senate

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani on Sunday said that Pakistan has won the war against the terrorism adding that Pakistan always defended its boundaries actively.

Addressing a “Paigham-e-Islam conference” Chairman senate Sadiq Sanjrani said that there is need of promotion f religious harmony and mutual tolerance adding that guidance of clerics are torched of the guided path while Islam is a religion of peace.

Chairman of Upper house of the parliament highlighting Islamic teachings said that Islam gives teaching of unity, equality, tolerance and unity of religious and social unification.

Sadiq Sanjrani said that Pakistan is not a mere name of the state while it is a reflection sacrifice of numerous martyrs.

He said that Parliament has a complete understanding of its responsibilities adding we all should work together for the strengthening of state and its stability.

Chairman Senate said that relating a religion with a specific religion is not a right thing adding that Muslim Ummah faced with aggression, discrimination and terrorism.

He stressed that we should be united for tackling challenges faced by the Muslim Ummah.