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Pakistan Issues Details Over Pulwama Incident

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has published the details of Indian dossiers on Pulwama incident here on Thursday.

According to the Foreign Office, “The Indian dossier on Pulwama incident was comprised of 91 pages and six parts.”

“Two parts were comprised on details regarding the incident other four parts were based on other allegations,” added FO.

“Foreign Office is currently reviewing the Pulwama parts currently,” it further added.

“The Pakistani officials also reviewed the confessional statement of Adil Dar closely,” it added.

“Pakistan also tried to trace and locate more than 90 individuals and 22 locations,” it said.

“Pakistan did not find any mentioned training camp,” it further added.

“Law enforcement agencies also investigated WhatsApp numbers, telegrams, and mobile phone numbers but failed to find any concrete evidence,” it added.

“The detailed answer of Indian dossier also sought concrete evidence against the 54 individuals, who are under detention after Pulwama incident,” concluded FO.

However, Pakistan has made it clear to India that it will continue to help out them only if they succeed in providing any concrete evidence.

A day earlier, Pakistan responding to Indian dossier over the Pulwama attack has asked India for more information and facts for taking any action in its preliminary findings.

Secretary foreign affairs Tehmina Janjua handed the report over the Pulwama to the Indian high commissioner.

Foreign office spokesman Dr Muhammad Faisal said that foreign secretary Tehmina Janjua summoned the Indian high commissioner Ajay Bisaria on Wednesday and handed him the Pakistan preliminary findings on the Indian dossier.

According to the statement: “The Indian High Commissioner in Islamabad was called to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the Foreign Secretary and the findings on the Pulwama incident were shared with him.”

Prime Minister had ensured cooperation if India shared actionable evidence regarding the Pulwama attack.

In response to Pakistani offer, it received a document (dossier) from India on February 27.

The statement released by foreign office spokesman said that Pakistan has asked for more information and evidence from Indian regarding the Pulwama attack.