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Petrol price surge by Rs.9.66 P/L

ISLAMABAD: The federal government increased the price of petrol by Rs9.66 per litre for the next fortnight in line with a surge in international crude prices.

Petrol price increased by Rs9.66 per litre, The federal government However, the price of high-speed diesel (HSD) has been slashed by Rs3.32 per litre.

The new fuel prices will be effective from April 1, the Finance Division said in a statement.

“The price of Petrol (Motor Gasoline) has increased in the international market during the last fortnight, while the price of HSD has marginally declined,” it added.

The statement further said the price adjustments are in line with the government’s policy of passing on the variations of prices in the international market to the domestic market. “The consumer price of HSD has accordingly been decreased once again, after a downward revision in the middle of March, 2024.”